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Talent Strategy
The first is people-oriented. Inspiring people, care about people, rely on people, cultivate people, achievement, give full play to man's initiative, enthusiasm and creativity, maximum limit arouse people's potential, to realize the combination of personal target and organizational target, finally sound and rapid development for the enterprise to provide a solid guarantee. The second is handle the relationship between the employee benefit and enterprise development. Enterprise in the process of operation shall, first of all, to solve the immediate interests of the employees and hot difficult problem, results in the development of enterprises should be benefit to every employee. After the staff the most basic needs satisfied, and guide staff gradually shifted from the pursuit of personal interests to pursue common interests, from the pursuit of material satisfaction to the pursuit of life value of comprehensive implementation, to gradually condensed into all aspects of the positive element is advantageous to the enterprise sustainable development direction. Again is unity, collaboration, team spirit. Enterprises in the harsh, impregnable in the fierce competition, need to have a courage to struggle, dare to meet the challenge of talent team. To motivate employees to create, the spirit of striving, in addition to establish the platform of "fair, just and open", the enterprise also should always maintain a certain pressure of competition, so that more conducive to the excellent talents to stand out. "For" longzhong, liu bei zhuge liang praising, and feeling good, ever let guan yu, zhang fei, but later turned out to be their combination, promote the development of the enterprise. This is the Liu Beiyong own management concept to their own values and achievements of emperor industry values clever unified result. Finally, ideological education is the forerunner, improve enterprise's execution is to enhance the vitality of enterprises, the realization enterprise benefit maximization "soft foundation"; Enterprise managers must attach importance to and efforts to do a good job of ideological education staff. In practice, however, often due to improper education methods, cause learning become a mere formality. So, do a good job under the new situation of ideological education staff, we must improve the method of education, suit the remedy to the case, to get twice the result with half the effort.
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