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To strengthen the customs for the inbound and outbound means of transport and its actual regulation, carrying goods and articles, standardize the management system of inbound and outbound means of transport management system, manifest, ensure complete and effective data transmission and for inbound and outbound means of transport and goods and articles manifest management issues announcement is as follows: A, enterprise should according to the inbound and outbound means of transport within the prescribed time limit and manifest data item fills in the specification (see attachment 1-5), full and accurate declaration to the customs transfer transportation and its manifest electronic data carrying goods and articles. Second, such as people found itself manifest transmission manifest electronic data transmission error, can according to the general administration of customs order no. 172 requirements, the transmission time limit prescribed by the original manifest and dock planner manifest before, to declare the electronic data transmission; Goods and articles, all people have to the customs offices for handling the formalities of declaration of such goods and articles. Three, the enterprise should be in front of the imported goods and articles in the port of shipment outside or export goods and articles, prior to the port of shipment within the territory of the total score, waybill printed or electronic data preparation is complete, and within the prescribed time China customs complete transmission electronic data, including data points, waybill, must complete, waybill electronic data transmission. No portion of electronic data, waybill, manifest transmission shall manifest in management system of data items in the "commodity brief description" fill in the total, name of goods and articles, each under waybill and transmit to the customs. Four, the electronic data on the enterprise declare to the customs, shall ensure that each copy of customs declaration has a corresponding to a single, waybill. For according to the customs declaration fill the specification and reporting requirements can not be completed in one customs declaration declaration and customs clearance of goods and articles, the enterprise or the owner may apply for the field of business to the customs of total goods and articles, waybill break-up. No special reasons, the customs of total wrong either, waybill split operation. Five, the enterprises should strictly according to the regulations of the customs general administration makes no. 172, no. 196 time limit to the electronic data of customs transfer transportation and manifest. Responsible for the filing of electronic data transmission enterprise shall, in accordance with requirements of the attachment 6 specific time limit for transmission, such as electronic data transmission in this announcement before the time limit and the general administration of customs announcement of contradictory, the the time the announcement shall prevail. Six, for with shipping "certificate of weight" to confirm the actual number of the export container cargo, the operator or custody and tally department shall, according to the inspection institution of the legal provisions of the state or its authorized department shall issue a "certificate of weight" to the customs of the electronic data transmission tally report. Seven, manifest transmission shall transmit to the customs in allocating empty containers inbound and outbound means of electronic data; Not according to submit the data of the actual loading and unloading, empty containers manifest transmission of empty containers should be in accordance with the relevant regulations of electronic data change procedures. Eight, inbound and outbound aircraft ground agent should be carried out in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations request to the customs for the record (see attachment 7) table of the record. Nine, head of the inbound and outbound means of transport and service enterprises, ground agent of information in the customs for the record, such as change, ought to be in the registration information change, within 10 working days after by the record change table (see the general administration of customs announcement annex 7, 79, 2010) and related data, to the customs offices for handling the relevant registration information changes. Ten, not in accordance with the customs requirements of electronic data transmission of transport, manifest the enterprise, the customs will strictly in accordance with the law of the People's Republic of China on customs administrative punishment implemented regulations and relevant provisions of punishment. 11, the customs will on inbound and outbound means of transport in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations to board examination, and can make a check for the goods or articles contained. Enterprises should strictly abide by the "customs law", the general administration of customs to no. 172, no. 196 with the customs and related regulations. Twelve, enterprise through the China electronic port platform for data transmission. Declare customs receives the enterprise data, accept the enterprise or individual at the scene of the customs manifest management departments and business window changes manifest data, do not charge any fee. 13, the announcement shall enter into force as of October 15, 2014. Notice is hereby given that the.

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